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Meet Emily

Emily is currently in her second year as a nursing student with hopes to become a midwife once she has the knowledge of the nursing world behind her. She is passionate about the well-being of mums, bubs and families and with her playful nature is always a hit with the littlies! Being an only child, Emily has been lucky to grow close to her neighbours and their children (4 and 1) who have become like her little sisters and provided many a babysitting opportunity. Emily is so grateful to be apart of The Angels team and is looking forward to meeting so many wonderful families.

Meet Kit

Kit is the newest Angel with Coast Life Angels but does not come without experience! She is a mother to 5 wonderful children, so she understands the importance of having support and help at home through the many periods of raising a family. Whether it’s the never ending piles of washing, the bored toddlers, the sticky floors or the fussy eaters; Kit has experienced it all. She is especially skilled at cooking in bulk so clear out the freezer and get her busy in the kitchen! Kit is very excited to be a part of this life changing service and is truly looking forward to building some special relationships with the many families she will have the pleasure to support.

Meet Natalie

Nat has 4 children of her own ranging from preschool to teens and knows all to well the hard work it takes to parent a young family while trying to maintain a household. She has a passion for women and family-centred care and understands and appreciates the need for support in the postpartum period, particularly when siblings are involved.
Nat lived away from family when her eldest children were babies and what little help she did receive in those times, and more recently with her younger children made a world of difference. She would love nothing more than to provide assistance so women and families can flourish along the journey of new parenthood. Nat can not wait to meet you and join you on your journey of parenthood.

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