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Meet Nat

Nat has 4 children of her own ranging from preschool to teens and knows all to well the hard work it takes to parent a young family while trying to maintain a household. She has a passion for women and family-centred care and understands and appreciates the need for support in the postpartum period, particularly when siblings are involved. Nat lived away from family when her eldest children were babies and what little help she did receive in those times, and more recently with her younger children made a world of difference. She would love nothing more than to provide assistance so women and families can flourish along the journey of new parenthood. Nat can not wait to meet you and join you on your journey of parenthood.

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Meet Tima

Tima is Mother of two & Grandmother of two, with lots of past work experience in Childcare & Mothercraft. Fairly new to the Sunshine Coast, originally from Sydney. Loving it up here, especially being close to nature & the ocean to meditate. The energy here is amazing! Also, enjoying my work with the Coast Life Angels where I can be of help to families.

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Meet Stephanie

Stephanie is a mother of two cheeky little girls who keep her on her toes. When she's not chasing after them, she's pursuing her studies in midwifery and nursing at Uni. Stephanie also works part-time as an Angel for Coast Life Midwifery, where she provides support and care to Sunshine Coast families. Stephanie loves helping people and understands the challenges of balancing household responsibilities and caring for little ones.

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Meet Yazmin

Yazmin is currently on her journey to obtain her bachelor of midwifery at uni and is delighted to have the opportunity to help provide support to families with the Coast Life Angels. When she's not studying, she is working, babysitting younger siblings, or spending time with friends. As a student midwife, she understands the need for postpartum support and looks forward to having the privilege of helping to support families during this special and vulnerable time.

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Meet Rennae

Rennae is currently completing her midwifery studies here on the Sunshine Coast. She has years of experience in home cleaning and childcare and lives in the Sunshine Coast hinterland with her two fur-babies. Rennae is passionate about mental health, neurodivergence, women & family centred care. She genuinely enjoys cooking, cleaning, gardening and getting crafty with little ones. Rennae is excited to be a part of the Coast Life family and is looking forward to supporting you during your transition into parenthood or the expansion of your family.

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Meet Alana

Alana is a mum of two beautiful energetic children, a daughter 8 years old and a son 6 years old. She was fortunate to be a stay at home mum for many years and knows very well the demands of a young family. Alana comes from a hospitality background and has a heart to serve and a passion for helping mothers and women in general. Born and raised on the Sunshine Coast, Alana loves the lifestyle the coast has to offer and loves exploring and new adventures camping with her kids.

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Meet Adelle

Adelle is a mother of 2 little ones, both born with Coastlife Midwifery and having experienced the support and nurturing of the Coastlife Angels herself, wanted to be able to provide families with the same care she received. Adelle is a qualified nutritionist so cooking nourishing food for families is not only something Adelle is good at, but absolutely loves to do. She is also a potter and art teacher so art and craft with the kids is one of her favourite things to do. She is compassionate and empathetic person who will happily help out wherever it is needed.

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